Monday, February 16, 2009

Jordyn Pic's And Stuff

I finally have a few pics of Jordyn! Here she is seconds after she was born:

Here she is again:
I still haven't seen her yet. :( I'm still coughing and I don't want to go see her while I'm still coughing so bad. I talk to April on the phone and they are both doing great. I cant wait until I can hold her and smell her. :)

I had Wesley and Carter here today, they were out of school for President's day. They didn't get here until after 12:00pm. They spend the night with their Dad and he is working nights and doesn't have to go into work early in the mornings like before. Tina hasn't picked them up yet, she has a flat tire and is waiting to get it changed.

Dinner tonight will be what I didn't make last night. Hamburgers, baked beans and fries. Keith and I took Matt to Sam's Club so he could look at TV's. He ended up buying a 37 inch Vizio flat screen. After we got home then I went to the grocery store, it was late when I got back so Keith said to save the hamburgers for tonight. I ended up cooking frozen pizzas for dinner last night.

Valentine's Day Keith took me out to dinner, we went to Cracker Barrel. We both had steak. It was surprisingly very good! I also had a salad, mac and cheese and hashbrown casserole. I LOVE that casserole! After dinner we went over to Sam's Club because Keith changed our membership to business and we had to get new pics and cards, then we walked around the store for a bit looking at stuff. We didn't buy anything.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

She's Here!

Jordyn Piper was born at 2:00pm today by C-section. She weighs 7 pounds 9 oz. and April said she looks just like her big sister Alyssa did when she was born. Both mom and baby are doing great! Pics coming soon.

I'm Going To Be A New Mawaw Again Today!

My daughter April went into the hospital this morning to be induced. Sometime today I will have a new granddaughter! :) They have already picked out her name, Jordyn Piper.

Here is both of my daughters, Tina and April
(I couldnt find a new pic of April alone, April is the one on the right)
Since being sick I haven't been cooking, we've been living off chicken noodle soup and liquid's. I hope to attempt to cook dinner tonight. I'm not sure what all I have to pick from, but I know there is food in the freezer and the pantry. lol

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Little Update

The flu or something has hit my house hard! I'll try to update when we all get to feeling better. I miss you all and hope everyone is healthy.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday Night Snow Showers

I'm not sure you will be able to see the snow falling to well in these pics, but we had some snow showers tonight and I took pics. lol

We went to have our taxes done this evening and my son Matt filed taxes for the very first time, I took a pic of that too. lol
After we left the tax place we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner. We hadn't been to one in years and it was really good. It started snowing on the way home. I guess it snowed for a good hour then it just STOPPED! :'(