Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm Baacckk

Hello! It's been a while since I've blogged. Thanks Barbara and Dana for the giggles. No I haven't been held hostage. lol That made me giggle big time when I read then both. ;)
I've just been super busy. I realized I didn't even blog about the nice Christmas gifts I got. My in laws gave me money so I went to http://www.verabradley.com/ and checked out their big sale. I was able to get TWO pocketbooks for $53.xx! I was so happy. I love Vera Bradley's pocketbooks. Here are the two I got:

My son Eric and his girl friend Linda gave me this Cuisinart Ice Cream maker! I LOVE this thing and it makes the best vanilla ice cream! I haven't tried any other flavor yet. I want to try to make my Mama's banana ice cream in it.

My son Matt have me new stuff for my bathroom. A shower curtain, the rings for the shower curtain, soap dish and tooth brush holder. He let me pick it all out, I picked out the butterfly pattern at Walmart. I haven't taken a pic of it all in my bathroom, but it all looks so pretty in there. My daughter Tina and her kids gave me bathroom towels, they were much needed. my daughter April baked lots of cookies and she gave me a container full of the, they were SO yummy! My sister gave me a Yankee candle with a cute bear. We had a great Christmas. My tree is still up, but its up as a protest. See my husband bought me two storm doors for the front and back door. He bought then Memorial day weekend. The doors are still in boxes in our garage! He was on vacation for two weeks during Christmas and he promised me that he would install my doors. He never did, they are STILL in the boxes in the garage, so the tree is staying until my doors get put up. :x Oh and he also promised he would fix my truck while he was on vacation, its STILL not fixed, the floor in the kitchen is STILL not finished. So the tree is staying up.

It's a cold day here so I put on a big pot of Cheese steak soup for dinner. I don't have any good crusty bread to go with it so I'll make some Bisquick drop biscuits.


T said...

Welcome back Shirla! Glad you had a nice Christmas!!

I absolutely love your tree protest! good for you girl! Please keep us updated on how this turns out!! :))

Erin said...

Glad to see you back. I was starting to wonder about you.

In regards to the tree protest, I think Gail is rubbing off on you. LOL

Also, will you come get this white stuff that's on my car and grass?

TronWife said...

Your purses are super cute! Enjoy them!!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Tree protest? NO, no, no. You go on a cooking dinner protest. Dont feed them boys until your doors are hung and your floor is done:) I love the icecream maker, I v'e been wanting one. You got great gifts for Christmas

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Thats understandable. Maybe putting the tree next to his side of the bed:)

Celticspirit said...

I'm glad to hear you were not held hostage!
Awesome deal on the purses. They are very pretty.
The ice cream maker sounds like a really great gift.
I bet the butterflies stuff for your bathroom is very pretty. I have dragonfly bathroom accessories and I love them.
Good idea on leaving the Christmas tree up. I just hope you don't have to keep it up till July. ;)