Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Toothless Tuesday

My grandson Carter lost another tooth over the holiday's and I am just getting around to posting his toothless smile. :) He wanted me to tell you all that the tooth fairy left him $1.00 for his lost tooth. He lost the other one a while back and also got $1.00 from the tooth fairy for that tooth. Here is a pic of him and also a pic with Carter and Tina and after that I took a pic of the cinnamon buns that I made last week and a new pic of Emma after her bath the other night.

Dinner tonight was hamburger goulash and crackers. It turned out really good and hit the spot on a cold winter evening. The local weather guy was calling for us to get some snow today, but I never saw a flake all day! :(


Carter and Tina:
Cinnamon's Buns:


Mrs.Ruiz said...

Congrats Carter!!! You still are very handsome:) Those buns look yummy:)

TronWife said...

I love when the front teeth are missing! And the cinnamon rolls look good!!

Gail said...

Shirla,just so you know, I had to make cinnamon buns this morning because of you :O)