Saturday, March 7, 2009

All My Beautiful Snow...

All of my beautiful snow has melted away! :'( Today the temps were in the upper 70's and tomorrow they are supposed to be the same. Don't get me wrong today was nice, but I rather have the cold weather. One plus is we get to change our clocks tonight and it will stay lighter longer, I do like that!

I had to run some errands today and decided not to go grocery shopping, I'll do that tomorrow.
I went to Walgreen's today and I paid with a $100.00 bill, when the cashier gave me my change back it wasn't enough change, I told her that I had paid with a $100.00 bill and she started arguing with me that I had paid with a $50.00 bill, I didn't even have a $50.00 bill in my wallet only $100.00's and $20.00's. She finally called the manager up there and the manager opened the drawer and there was my $100.00 bill on top of all the other big bills. She told the cashier to give me the correct change and as she walked away she was rolling her eyes at the cashier and shaking her head. If I hadn't been paying attention I would have never noticed that she didn't give me the correct change until I got home.

Keith wanted a hamburger and fries from fiveguys so that is what we had for dinner. I do love their fries!


Dana said...

Good thing you were paying attention. Never heard of five guys

Gail said...

Shirla,I need to be more careful like that,I'm sure that has happened to me.Good for you,to catch it!