Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm Snowed In And Loving It! :)

We got snow over night! I think I heard the local weather guy say we have about 5 and a half inches so far. My husband and my two son's didn't have to go to work today. All the schools are closed and a Richmond, VA is pretty much shut down. It started Sunday while I was out grocery shopping. When I left the house it was pouring rain, by the time I left the last grocery store the roads were covered with snow! There are over 66 thousand people in Richmond, VA without power. Our lights blinked a few times last night and actually stayed out for about 5 minutes but they came back on and have stayed on. Normally my area is the first to loose power and the act to get it back. We have been getting heavy snow and heavy wind all night and it's still real windy and the snow is still falling.
My plan for the day is to make a big pot of taco soup for dinner and I hope to make some kind of dessert and I might even pull out my bread machine. I love baking when its snowing. :)

Here are some pics that I took last night and this morning:
The front of my house:

My back yard:


Celticspirit said...

Sounds like you have a fun day planned. I too like baking when it's snowing or even raining.

How is the new baby doing?

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Lucky, lucky, lucky thats all I have to say:) Im kidding I have more to say. Im jealous:) Can you post the taco soup recipe it sounds good. Now go play in the snow and take pics, how is your new g-baby? I think I will try your potato soup.

Anonymous said...

Shirla! It snowed for you! That's so cool. :-)

I was just stumbling around the interwebz and I found your blog. Nice to "see" you again.