Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Internet And Friendship

I've been online since 1997. It wasn't until 2004 that I found AOL message boards. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would find such wonderful people there. Over the past 4 years I have found many people on the message boards, but only a few that I can call "my friends". As I sit here and type my first blog post ever I am in aw at the kindness of my friends that I have made online. I just met Julie, someone I have chatted with on emails, the message boards and even over the phone. She was in my area for her pork business and she brought me a bunch of her products. Sausage, ham, bacon, bratwurst and hot dogs. I'm so excited to try them and looking forward to the day that her and her husbands products are sold in my area stores.
It was so nice to finally meet her face to face after talking to her for so long online. She came to my area a few years ago but life got in my way and I was unable to meet with her. Her and her husband are so sweet and down to earth. It was a pleasure to meet them both and I hope the next time she is in my area we get to spend a little more time together.
I hated that we didn't get to take pictures, but next time we will!

You read so many horror stories of people meeting people that they have met online. I have met with many and have only had positive experiences. I'll spend more time talking those meetings at another time.


Gail said...

Hi,from one of your make believe friends :o) Anything I can do to help,just hollar,but basically you take you time,click every tab,and customize it,you are gonna ROCK at this Shirla :o)

Shirla said...

Thank you Gail. :)

Erin said...

I'm right there with Gail on helping ya out. We're going through digital training at work so I may not be able to respond quickly but I will do my best.

Julieann said...

Oh, YAY!!! This is going to be fun, Shirla:) Welcome to the Blogging World:::Waiving:::::


Shirla said...

*waving back* Hi Julieann! Thank you for the welcome! :)