Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Happenings

I love Saturdays. Things slow down and there is no rushing around, no one has to be anywhere by a certain time, we can all just hang out and enjoy each others company. We were all lazy this morning, it was so nice. *giggles* I made sausage, eggs and toast for breakfast. I cooked Beeler's sausage for the first time and it was amazing! After I cleaned the kitchen I took a shower and got ready to go grocery shopping. I decided to stop of at the Dollar Tree while I was out. I love that store. I buy all of my cleaning products from there. I needed some pens and note pads so I picked some of those up to. After the Dollar Tree I stopped off at Family Dollar and bought two small laundry baskets. I like to keep one in my sons bathroom and some how the one that was in there is missing. This house isn't that big, but I cant find it anywhere. I finally made it to the grocery store. This is the store I like to do most of my grocery shopping: Farmer's Food is a local store and they also have stores in NC. They have really good prices and I like their meat section. They have a cash for gas program, I always try to find things in the store are in the program so I can save a little at the gas station. I used my gas card today, I put in $20.00 and when I went into pay using the card my total went down to $17.38. With the high price of gas these days every little bit helps.

Oh I forgot to post this, Keith finally put up my line on my clothes line poles! :) So now I can hang clothes out again. I so love hanging clothes outside on the lines. Sheets smell so nice after line drying outside.

We have no plans for the evening. Will probably check out the movie channels on TV and see if anything good is coming on. I need to watch Monk, I had Matt record it last night so I might watch that if there are no movies on that interest me.

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Celticspirit said...

Clotheslines are awesome and money savers as well! We don't have one here as we are temporarily renting a house. Sounds like you had a fun Saturday planned. I'm off work today and tomorrow so this is my weekend. Have a fun day.