Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday And A Storm Is Headed My Way

Happy Friday!
Looks like we will be getting some of the effects of tropical storm Hanna here in VA. The local weather guys/girls are saying we will be getting heavy winds and rain tomorrow. I can deal with that as long as our power doesn't go out. Without power we have no water, we have a well and need power for the pump for the well. We have two generators (one needs work done to it so it doesn't work and I've been after Keith all summer to fix it and he hasn't) so we will be able to plug the one that does work into our fridge and freezer and we can plug in a light and a fan. I would hate to lose all the meat in my big freezer. I have been buying boneless chicken breast every time I see it on sale and I have a nice little stash going. We haven't drained the pool so if we have to we can use the water from there to flush the toilets and my Father in law has one of those big generators that comes on when the power goes out and runs his whole house, so we can go to his house and shower. We could just stay down there but honestly I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that. I'd rather not leave my home, as much as I love them and I know we would be welcome there I would just rather stay here. They live right down the dirt road from us so its not a problem going there to shower, it isn't like we would have to travel any distance to get to his house.

Linda and I are going to Walmart tonight so I'll pick up some bottled water, ice and some easy to fix foods. We have a two burner Coleman stove, that thing comes in real handy when the power is out. We also have a one burner one that uses those cans of propane to burn the burner, I like that one because even I can use it. lol You just put the can into the holder thingie and push the button and it lights the burner. In the past I have used that thing when we were without power to cook all kinds of different things. When hurricane Isabel came through here a few years ago we were without lights for over a week. I remember my family wanted some chocolate so I made fudgies (no bake cookies) on that one burner stove. In the winter when the power goes out we have a wood stove and I've been known to cook on that. My cast iron skillet really gets a work out when I have to cook on top of the wood stove.

I hope everyone in the path of the storm stays safe. Have a safe and happy weekend!


Julieann said...

(((Shirla))) Stay safe, it sounds like you have everything under control though!! Happy Belated Anniversary my friend! Keep us updated when you can!


Shirla said...

Thank you, Juileann. :)

Heather said...

We didn't get beans near Charleston, SC and I wish you the same. :)