Friday, September 12, 2008


It's hard to believe that it is Friday already. Seems just like yesterday we were starting a new week. I didn't cook dinner last night. Keith call on his way home and he wanted to try this new sandwich place that just opened up across the street from the airport. I hadn't started dinner so it all worked out. I had a ham and cheese sandwich which came with a side order of chili. I'm not sure that kind of sandwich Keith got, it had a lot of meat on it and he said it was pretty good. Mine was good but it had way to much meat on it and it also had coleslaw and some kind of sauce that reminded me of the sauce on a Big Mc. I don't care for either coleslaw or the sauce on a Big Mc. I just picked what I could off of the coleslaw. ;) I ate a few bites of the chili then gave it to Keith.

Thursday morning I woke up and turned the TV on in the living room to watch the news and my TV wouldn't come on. The screen was black and I could hear a steady beeping sound. I tried turning the TV off and it wouldn't turn off, so I unplugged it and it went off. We knew the TV was dying a slow and painful death because it has been acting weird for a while now. When we would turn it on it would take a few minutes for the picture to come on, all we were seeing were black and white lines, after a few minutes the picture would come up. I talked to my daughter Tina and she told me to have Keith and the boys go over to her old house (which is 4 houses down fro mine) and get her TV and use it until we get a new one. She left all her furniture in the house because my grandson's father moved into the house when Tina moved out and he didn't have any thing. He hasn't been staying there, long story, but he wasn't using the TV so Tina wanted us to use it. It is a big screen and when I say big screen this thing is HUGE! It's way to big for my living room and I don't like it, but it will do until we get another. Keith wants to buy the TV from Tina so I might have to just deal with the bigness of the thing. lol It's almost 58' inches wide I don't know how tall it is but it is pretty tall and it sits on the floor. Our old TV wasn't that old, we bought it when we moved into this house in 2002.

My youngest daughter April finally took my granddaughter Alyssa to have her picture made, she got them back the other day. Here is the picture she gave me for my wall of family pictures. Alyssa will be 3 in March.

Dinner tonight will either be take out or we will go somewhere to eat, we haven't decided yet. I normally don't cook on Friday's. I'll have to go to Walmart by myself tonight because Linda has a sorority event she has to go to. I might be able to talk Eric into going with me. I have to stop at Petsmart and get Emma some food also.

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend everyone!


Mrs.Ruiz said...

Hello Shirla, How is your Friday going? Reading about your sandwich made me crave one. Have a nice evening.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

your grand daughter is absolutely adorable, she looks like a doll.

Gail said...

Hey,Shirla! Good luck with the TV hunting :o) That's how our TV's went too,it was gradual,but we knew they were dying.