Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Update: Wednesday DInner

We just finished dinner and the Cheesesteak Soup is amazing! I will be making this again for sure. It was so filling and I think it would taste even better on a cold winter day. If I lived in a state that got a lot of snow I would have said a cold snowy day. ;) The bread was very good with it too. The soup was super easy to make, although I will confess I messed up after I cut the steak up I forget to drudge it in the flour so I has to take it out of the cooking onions and drudge it into the flour mixture and then put it back into the onions. lol It didn't seem to hurt it any that I had to do that, but in my defense I had mixed up the flour mixture and sat it on the other counter behind me (I have a galley style kitchen) and I totally forgot about it until I turned to answer my granddaughter Mallory and just happened to see the bowl of the flour mixture sitting there, I guess I had put one half of the steak into the onions when I noticed what I had done. lol

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Mrs.Ruiz said...

thats really funny about the lady thinking she recognized you in the restroom. Thanks for the potato ideas, my husband says i boil them to long and there water logged.