Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday And Sweet Potatoes

It's a cool, yucky rainy day here today. All I want to do is sleep, but I cant because Wesley and Mallory are here today. I've just been puttering around the house, not really cleaning, but picking up "stuff" and putting it all back where it belongs or throwing it out. I have no clue what dinner will be. It's almost 3:30pm so I really should start thinking about it. Tina has to stop off at the grocery store before she comes to pick up the kids, so I asked her pick me up some milk and bread so I don't have to go out later.

My neighbor gave me some GIANT sweet potatoes the other evening, I guess they will cook up, I think I'll have to cut them in half for them to cook in this century. lol They sure are BIG! The two in the back dont look that big in the picture. Here are some pictures of the them:


T said...

Wow, those are some huge sweet potatoes! Does she grow them in her garden?

Years ago, when my mom was younger and healthier, she had a huge garden, and she always had lots of sweet potatoes, but I don't ever remember them getting that big.
Yummy for you, and so nice of your neighbor to share.

Erin said...

I know what I'd do with those sweet taters. I'd be making me some sweet tater fries. If I remember correctly Rebecca had on her blog or posted on KF some "fries" that she made with sweet taters.

Gail said...

O-M-G,Shirla!! Today is Sunday,did you decide what to do with them yet?I've never seen them that big!

Shirla said...

I used one the other day, cut it in half and cooked in the microwave for Keith and I. It was pretty good.