Friday, September 19, 2008

Update From Friday And Some Saturday Happenings

My grandson Carter spent the night with us last night (Friday). He went with me to Petsmart and Walmart. We ate dinner at Chick-fil-A. It was so crowded inside so we drove thru the drive thru and ate our dinner in the truck. Carter thought it was so neat that we got to eat in the truck. lol
After we ate we went to Petsmart and I got the cat's some food, Emma a toy lamb and two pink bows for her hair. She hates when I put bows in her hair, but I wanted some that had a clip instead of a rubber band type thingie and these had the clip or I guess I should say barrette. I think I can get her to wear one on the top of her head long enough to get some pictures of her.
In Walmart they have all their fans on clearance I got a window fan for $11.00. Here is a pic of one, but this pic isn't the model I got, it looks like mine and gives your an idea of what mine looks like.

The Bass Pro Shop basspro just opened in Ashland, VA (soft opening, the grand opening is Oct. 2-5) and my husband and sons are so excited, they want to go there this evening so I guess we will be going there later. We drove to the one in Hampton, VA last summer and I have to admit I liked the store, it was neat seeing all the neat stuff they have in there.

I have to go to the grocery store at some point today. Tina has picked up Carter yet, she came by and dropped off Wesley and went to tan. When she gets back and gets the boys after she leaves I'll get my shower and get myself ready and then go to the grocery store. I don't know what the plans are for dinner. I think we will just grab something while we are on the way to The Bass Pro Shop. There is a Chinese place by there that we love and we haven't been there in a long time so we might go there, they have a really good buffet and the price is right.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Celticspirit said...

Sounds like you've been very busy! Good deal on the fan.

Julieann said...

Shirla, I used vegetable oil:) Did you notice that oil is more expensive then gas these days---UGH---Is it expensive by you?

The fritters tasted so yummy too--Let me know if you try them.


P.S. I posted the Poppers and Fritters on the KF board--and boy I am in trouble--I did not use Julie's bacon--SHHH!

T said...

I came over from *Still Learning's * blog, and just wanted to say, I like your blog, and I will be reading more.:)

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Your day sounds so much funner than mine

Mrs.Ruiz said...

I hope you start to feel better soon:)