Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday And If You Get Bored

Happy Monday! I'm just doing my normal Monday chores around the house, not much to talk about. Dinner tonight will be fishsticks and boxed mac and cheese and a veggie.

I got an email this morning from a friend. The site is a game where you can practice your fly swatting skills: make sure to have your sound on too. lol


Mrs.Ruiz said...

Do I have to pay photobucket tp print my pictures or is there a print button to hit

T said...

Oh boy Shirla,
I just posted a long post on my blog, and had to delete it quickly because somehow it was all arranged incorrectly.:(
Sooo frustrating, so I come over here, and geez, I got to take out ALL of my frustrations by swatting flies. LOL!! Whew, I feel better now!

Shirla said...

Oh no T sorry about your page. You were not able to go to edit and fix it?

I'm glad swatting the flies helped. lol

T said...

No, it will be easier to redo it all, but now, I have no time, AGAIN! Been very busy here, but YES, swatting flies does help. :))