Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Happenings

Today I cleaned off both of my kitchen counters today (galley style kitchen) and scrubbed them really good. They are both all nice and clean and clutter free. I really need to wash down my cabinet doors, but I just haven't felt like doing it lately and my floor in the kitchen and dining room need scrubbing. I hope to get that done some time this coming week.

I was going to cook dinner tonight, but Keith wanted to go out to eat. We ended up at the Chinese buffet that is close to our house. After we ate we went to the new mall. It's not a closed in Mall, it is a strip mall. There are only a few stores that are open. We went into Target that is having its soft opening, their grand opening is tomorrow (Sunday). I found the Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses in there and bought a bag. I hope to make the cookies the first of the week. After Target we went to the new Ukrop's It is a locally owned grocery store here in VA. I love Ukrops's but they are high on their groceries so I don't shop there often, plus I'm still upset with them because they haven't started selling Beeler pork products. They do run really good sales each week. I got two Purdue oven stuffer roasting chickens for around $4.xx a piece. They are both over 6 pounds. On my receipt it says the regular price would have been $10.58 for one and $11.20 for the other. I saved one to make sticky chicken for Monday nights dinner and I put the other one in the freezer. I would have bought more but there were only 4 left and a lady was looking at one of them and I didn't want to take the third one in case she wanted it. Ukrop's has an awesome bakery, I get all our Birthday cakes there. Well they sell these chocolate angel food cakes, they used to put their chocolate frosting on them if you requested it, but they stopped doing that and now they sell their chocolate frosting in containers. I just had to buy one of those cakes and a container because it's been years since I had a piece of that cake with the frosting. They also sell their birthday cake icing, in my opinion they make the best birthday cake icing! I love it on their pound cakes.My son Matt came into the kitchen after I had frosted the cake and I said, "Look Matt I baked a cake", he then walked over to the oven and opened it and stuck his hang in there and said, "that's odd Mom, the ovens not even hot". lol I started giggling, he said "you bought that at Ukrop's didn't ya"? He knows me to well. ;)
I forgot to take a pic of the cake before it was cut, but here is a pic of the cake after it was cut.

We also stopped off at the Sam's Club office where they are letting you sign up for membership at the Sam's Club that is opening up in the new mall. The membership was $40.00 and they gave me a $10.00 gift card to Sam's for getting a new membership. They lady said it is good at Sam's, Sam's gas and Walmart. After we left there Keith wanted some loose tea and he didn't like the kind Ukrop's sells so we stopped in Kroger that is right beside the new mall and he got his tea. Then we came home. It was a nice evening.


T said...

Well after scrubbing the kitchen counters, you deserved a nice evening.

That cake sure does look yummy! I am so jealous, Chinese buffet! I LOVE LOVE Chinese food. I try to only have chinese for special occasions though. Our favorite Chinese place closed down a few years ago, and it took us forever to find another one that we liked.
Glad you had a nice evening.

Swansong said...

glad you found your kisses!!!

I am soo jealous of that cake it looks soooooo yummy!!! The one kind of ice cream we have when we where in VA from there was fantastic as well and it was a store brand. LOL

Mrs.Ruiz said...

I need to scrub my cabinets too. Your Saturday sounded like mine. Running around from store to store. They cake looked good and that was funny about your son checking the oven LOL. PS my hubby is a Tony Stewart fan too. but his heart is with Dale JR

Mrs.Ruiz said...

i just use whatever all purpose cleanser that I have on hand. I never thought about it being bad for the wood.

Mrs.Ruiz said...
I was told that this lady at the above address makes herbal teas that help with migraines. I thought maybe it would help you. Let me know if i did the address wrong