Saturday, October 18, 2008


Carter, Wesley and Mallory are spending the night with us tonight. They had requested pizza for dinner, but after they had been here awhile they heard Matt say something about Chinese food and then they wanted Chinese for dinner. lol They love Sweet and Sour Chicken so that is what they had, Only they don't like the sauce that comes with it, they like to dip the chicken in ketchup. lol
I had Shrimp Egg Foo Young, Keith and Matt both had General Tao's Chicken. Eric had a sub from Subway.

After dinner Mallory and I rode out to Target. I have to tell you it is SO nice to have a Target so close to my house! It was dark when we left and I knew Mallory was tired, but I didn't want her to fall asleep on the way to Target so I kept asking her if she was still awake and she would answer me with, "Yes, my eyes are still open, Mamaw". lol While in Target we walked around, since its a new store there are not very many end cap clearances yet, but I did find a microwave rice cooker on an end cap clearance. It was regular price $9.99 I got it for $4.98. It looks like this: I also got some chocolate chip refrigerated cookie dough so the kids and I could make cookies. I was to tired to make them from scratch so I cheated. :x I let Mallory pick out a package of panties, Tina forgot to pack her any. She picked out a three pack of Hello Kitty ones. She also picked a few hair bands and a pair of Tinkerbell socks at the Dollar Spot.

When I was putting the kids to bed they asked what breakfast would be, I said I wasn't sure and Carter said, "if its no trouble can you make us pancakes"? lol I said its not trouble. :)


T said...

Sweet n sour chicken with ketchup. LOL. Kids are so funny!

We cooked sweet n sour chicken tonight. Well, we meaning, I just made the salad. Hubby made the chicken, and it was sooo good!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

I love egg foo young, your grand kids sound really sweet.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

I would love that recipe. I dont like shrimp but I can just omit that. I always order veggie egg foo young

Gail said...

Just checkin in,how you holdin' up this weekend,Shirla :O) :O)