Friday, November 28, 2008

The Day After Thanksgiving

Keith, Matt and I got new cell phones today! Matt's old cell was falling apart, Keith's old cell phone was just old and mine wasn't holding a charge for very long. We all got these phones:
Keith got an orange one, Matt got a black one and I got the lavender one. They are neat little phones. We all have text messaging now and Keith is driving me nuts sending text messages to me. He has never had a cell that has text messages on it. Here is what his old cell looked like:
The lady at the cell phone store laughed at Keith's old phone when he took it out of his pocket to show her which phone he had. lol His old phone didn't even have voice mail on it! lol He even got a blue tooth headset for his new phone. Now to see if he will ever use it. My old cell had text messaging but I didn't have it turned on. I had it turned on the new phone.
My grandson Carter is spending the night with us tonight. Carter and I went to Target this evening. I needed a small desk lamp for here at my computer. I found one for $9.99, it's not exactly like what I wanted but I didn't want to drive all the way to Walmart tonight, so this one will do. We also stopped off at the Dollar Tree and walked around. I let Carter pick out a few things in there.
Dinner tonight was leftover from yesterday. Carter had chicken nuggets because he said he didn't want what we had yesterday because he had it for lunch today. lol Tina was here when we got back from the cell phone store and she stayed here until around 4:00 or so.

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Celticspirit said...

You got some cool looking cell phones. Is that older one a Nextel? Russell used to have one of those when we were in SC and he had to have a heavy duty one. He ran over a couple of them with a fork lift!

Hope you have fun with your grandson!
Have a good weekend.