Friday, November 7, 2008

My New Kitchen Toy And Some Other Stuff

I went to Sam's Club Thursday and bought a new kitchen toy! I got this: It's a 6.5 quart cast iron dutch oven. I cant wait to use my new toy and when I do I'll take pics of it and what I am making. I already have a Vision dutch: oven , but have been wanting a cast iron one for so long. I get all giddy when I think about all the yummy soups, stews and things I'll be able to make in my new dutch oven. ;) If you have one what is your favorite thing to make it it?

We have finally decided on putting in laminate in your living room, kitchen and dining room. We hope to get it installed next weekend. My son Eric will be installing it. Some wonderful friends of mine helped me pick out the color laminate, here it is: I was torn between two different ones. When I was in Sam's Thursday I looked at them both again and the one my friends liked really does look the most like wood. The other one I had picked out was to light. We will have to paint, I am wanting to go with a sage green color, but Keith really likes the red that my daughter Tina used in her old house. I really don't want red, it would not go with the furniture we have, the sage green would, so hopefully when I mention to Keith that if we go with the red we will need new furniture that will change his mind on painting the walls red. *giggle*
I'm not sure that I'll go to Walmart tonight, I'm pretty well stocked up on everything. If I don't go it will be the first Friday in a long time that I haven't done "Walmart Friday". I haven't talked to Linda today so I don't know if she has plans, if she doesn't and she wants to go then I'll go along for the ride. Linda's Mom had her car stolen the other night, she had gone into a convenient store and for some reason left her keys in her car and someone stole the car while she was inside the store, the car was found totaled a few hours later.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a great weekend.


Mrs.Ruiz said...

That sucks about your friends moms car. some people are just low lifes. Thats weird that you guys were popping popcorn, we were popping popcorn. Justin was showing Avery what side to put up in the microwave and it caught fire inside. Thats weird. I bought a cast iron from costco it's 4 quarts the only thing my hubby has made with it was pork chili verde. He makes the best then put iyt on fried eggs the next day, yummy. I cant wait to see your floor, i think it would be hard to keep clean

T said...

Hey Shirla, I haven't been around much, been busy with everyday life, but I'm back for awhile. :)

Don't you just love Sam's Club. I am there every other weekend.

Gail said...

>>>so hopefully when I mention to Keith that if we go with the red we will need new furniture that will change his mind on painting the walls red. *giggle*
Now THAT is some good thinking Shirla,hit em in the wallet :o)

Shirla said...

LOL Gail!! I haven't lived with that man for 20 years for nothing. lol

Celticspirit said...

Your new dutch oven looks awesome. I've never had one, cast iron or otherwise but I'd love to. I wish we had a Sam's Club nearby. I need to do a search and find out where the nearest one is.
I'll be looking forward to seeing what kind of yummy concoctions you come up with in your new pot.
We had laminate when I lived in NM and I loved it. It was easy to install, my ex-husband did it. It stood up to a lot of wear and tear, even with dogs.
Sorry to hear about your inlaw's car being stolen. The thieves just may have to pay for that deed with having bad Karma.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Are you cooking in your new dutch oven tonight, let me know what you make

Mrs.Ruiz said...

The cable people just sent me a $180 bill for moving, can you believe that. I called them and the guy was like " how about I take off $100" I said " no you will take it all of or I will just get the Dish" so he took it off. I knew they would try and pull some crap like that.