Saturday, November 29, 2008


I had a nice day. Tina and Wesley came over around 11:00am. She wanted to go to Kohl's to look for some jeans and tops/sweaters so I went with her. I needed a new pair of jeans. I found a pair on sale for $19.99. Tina bought a whole big bag of clothes and only paid $40.xx for everything! She was so excited. After we got back we went outside and played ball in the yard with Emma. It was a nice day. :)

We had more Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner. After dinner I started on some laundry and cleaning the kitchen. I had to stop cleaning in the kitchen when I ran out of hot water. I think something is going wrong with our hot water heater, it runs out of hot water way to soon. Granted I was washing kitchen towels and I wash those in hot water, but I really shouldn't have ran out of hot water that fast. Hopefully Keith will get around to looking at it on his vacation that is coming up soon.

Matt took this pic of Emma yesterday with his new cell phone. He sent it to me and I set it as my backgorund on my cell phone:

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Mrs.Ruiz said...

Emma is soo cute. I like your new cell phones. So you did do some shopping