Saturday, November 15, 2008

Flooring, Tempers And Pictures

Well my guys started installing our new floor this morning. Less then an hour into it Eric and Keith got into an argument. Keith said Eric wasn't doing it right and Eric said he was and that Keith didn't know what he was doing. Eric threw up his hands and said, he was done, that Keith could finish it. After Eric sat in the kitchen for about 10 minutes and Matt calmed Keith down, they finally kissed and made up. After that little spat was out of the way they worked wonderfully together. They haven't finished. They still have to finish the whole living room, hall, dining room and kitchen. They stop at my computer. They will pick up in the morning at the computer desk and hopefully finish it all tomorrow. I have to say that what they have done so far is so pretty! I LOVE it. :) Eric's boss and his wife came over earlier today to see how Eric was doing. He said Eric was doing a good job.
Here are some pics:
Eric installing our new floor

Taking a break

Done for the day. Matt, David and Eric's arm.



T said...

Man, I am so jealous. That is so pretty. I have been anticipating pictures. Can't wait to see it all complete. Wow!

I'm sorry, but I had to laugh when I read the title *TEMPERS*, why is men always seem to argue and bicker when trying to work together. My brothers do the same thing. My hubby and his dad do also. They do end up working it out in the end. But gosh, so frustrating. "Get over it boys, we got work to do."


T said...

OH boy, isn't that typical though? It is with my brothers. Normally they are doing things fine by themselves, but when the other tries to get involved then all heck breaks loose, tempers fly, then nothing gets done.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

It looks so good, I am normally partial to carpet but man does that look good:))) So you played referee today, sorry to hear that. I did the same. I have dad crying to me and mom talking mean crap about dad. They have been married 38 years, my mom is mean and my dad works hard. Its sad and makes me sad:(

Celticspirit said...

They are doing a great job and it looks professional. I know you'll love it....I did.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Justin agreed to letting me post a pic of him:)

Rebecca said...

The floors look great! :-)