Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote 2008

Today my two son's Eric and Matt will be voting for the first time. We are all going to vote after dinner. Dinner tonight will be Lasagna, tossed salad and garlic bread.

I found this video on a message board. This little boy is darling. There is no endorsement of either candidate. He is just so darn cute!


Celticspirit said...

Hey there you are....I was getting worried cause you pretty much post every day. Glad to see you are OK blogger sista! ;)

Gail said...

Shirla,tht's exactly what we're having for dinner :o) And, [I voted right after work,then came home]Stevie came over this afternoon,and asked where we go to vote [his first time :o)] I told him,I don't know [I thought he was referring to where he lives now,not here]and he had a hissy fit thinking I didn't vote :o)

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Hi Shirla, glad you are back:)