Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Free Heat And Some Great News

OK, I just checked the temperature in my living room and it 84 inside my house! Keith has the wood stove in the garage going. He has this pipe thingie running from the top of the wood stove and it goes to this blower that he has blowing the heat from the wood stove into my living room. I checked the temperature outside and it says that our temps outside is 37. We haven't had to turn on our heat from the heat pump yet and this is the second day/night that we have had a fire in the wood stove. We have tons of wood here on my Father in laws land so the wood is free, which gives us free heat for the winter. Last winter I think we turned our heat on a few times, the rest of the winter our house was heated with the wood stove.

My daughter Tina found out yesterday that my grandson Wesley will get to start school in two weeks! We are all so excited about this. He will go to school 4 days a week and off on Wednesdays. He will also get to ride the bus with his big brother Carter to and from school. Wesley is so excited that he gets to ride the bus. :) I think I blogged about Wesley a while ago about him being severally developmentally delayed. The program that he will be in will be of great help to him. All of the teachers that interviewed with him said that he was a very fast learner and that he caught on quick with the things they tested him on.

My dinner tonight as very yummy. I made stuff pork chops, mashed taters and mixed veggies. My stuff pork recipe is super simple. I got the recipe from my friend Julie. All it is is stove stop stuffing on top of the pork chop. I made some gravy to go on top of it while it was baking. I took two cups of water and dissolved two chicken bouillon cubes (I was out of chicken stock so I thought. I was filling my salt shakers later this evening and came across it in the cabinet, but I swear I didn't see it when I was looking for it to use in my gravy lol), sit that aside and then took a few tablespoons of margarine and melted it, then I added a few tablespoons of flour and stirred it with my whisk. I then added my liquid to the flour and margarine and stirred over medium high heat until it thickened. Then I poured it over the pork and stove top, covered with foil and baked. It is so easy and so yummy!


Mrs.Ruiz said...

thats so awesome about Wesley, and he even gets to ride the bus!! Winter is approaching fast:)) I asked Barbara the same question. Do you want to swap state magnets. I dont have Virginia. Im always asking Justin but he always says no.

Mrs.Ruiz said... Go check out this blog:)))

Celticspirit said...

Wow 84! If it were that hot here I'd have the AC on. There's nothing better than free firewood and heat! It should really lower your heating bill huh?

That's awesome that Wesley gets to go to that new school. It's always good to see kids get the help they need instead of falling through the cracks.

Your food that you cook always sounds so good! I tend to cook the same old things.