Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Beautiful Wednesday

My grandchildren we not here again today, they will be gone until next Monday! Oh my what will I do with myself all this time. ;)
I didn't do much today, just my normal everyday chores. I did go to CVS with Linda, she hadn't been to the new store and she wanted to check it out. I had a coupon on my last receipt for a free 100 count of CVS brand aspirin, so I got that and a small bag of Swedish Fish originalswedishfish . I love those things and hadn't bought a bag of them in a long time.
Dinner tonight was super simple. No on wanted a lot so we had pasta salad and I scrambled some eggs and put some of my Penzey spice Fox Point in them, that stuff is SO good in scramble eggs, I didn't have any of the pasta salad, the eggs were enough for me.
I hope every ones Wednesday was a good one.


Erin said...

What are you going to do with all your free time? Make sure to take some time for yourself.

Shirla said...

Oh I have been making time for myself! lol It has been nice not having to rush around chasing kids all say. I can do things at my pace, not theirs. Don't get me wrong I miss them terribly, its just nice to have this break.