Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday, Crush Hot Potatoes

Someone on the KF board posted the recipe below. I made them for the first time for dinner tonight and they were amazing! I took a picture if mine after they were done, but I haven't loaded it to my computer yet. I'll post it here as soon as I load it.

Crush Hot Potatoes
Red potatoes
Olive Oil
Kosher Salt
Black Pepper
Herb of choice (Rosemary or chive, etc.) *I used Rosemary tonight

Cook potatoes in boiling water til fork tender.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Generously drizzle olive oil on sheet pan. Place potatoes on sheet pan and slightly press down on each potato with potato masher. Rotate potato masher 90 degrees and mash again....potato should slightly resemble a cookie. Brush tops with olive oil, sprinkle with salt, black pepper and herb. Place pan on top rack and cook for 20-25 minutes...until golden, crispy and sizzling.

Recipe by: The Pioneer Woman Cooks!

Along with the potatoes I fixed Lemon Broccoli Chicken and corn for dinner tonight.

I did a lot of laundry today and I still didn't get it all done. Keith fixed my clothes line yesterday but I didn't hang clothes out today because it kept looking like it was going to pour down raining every time I got ready to go out there to hang clothes out, so I just gave up and used the dryer.


Gail said...

Those potatoes were fanTAStic Shirla :o) And, the same thing happened here today,no laundry got hung cause every time I opened the door it looked like rain....or maybe I just convinced myself of that ;o)

Rebecca said...

I want some FUDGE!

Shirla said...

lol! Rebecca, next time I make fudge I'll stuff some into the couch for you.

Swansong said...

pppstttt There CRASH potatoes LOL I want to try them but I am not planned out enough to boil then bake potatoes I am lazy ok LOL