Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday Dinner And Grandson Carter

Tina called and asked if Carter could spend the night with us tonight and stay with me tomorrow. Of course I said yes. :) Carter asked me a little bit ago, "Mamaw, what we gonna have for dinner tonight? :) I hadn't decided so I told him that I wasn't sure yet then asked him what he would like. He requested chicken, but didn't say how he wanted me to cook it. lol He will eat chicken cooked anyway, he loves all things chicken. So I looked in my recipe files and decided to make Herb Chicken, I went to make sure I had everything to make it and I didn't have the Cream Of Onion soup, but I remembered I didn't need that because I could make it myself. So I mixed some cream of onion soup up. It smell SO good and was so easy. I brought one cup of water to boil then I added a chicken bouillon cube, set it aside. Melted one half stick of margarine, added a few tablespoons of flour, mixed until smooth then added some Penzey minced onions and then added the bouillon water, whisked then added about a forth cup of milk. My chicken is now cooking, I sprinkled some Penzey Thyme and I didn't have any sage so I sprinkled a little basil on the chicken while it is cooking in some EVVO. After the chicken has cooked I'll put the cream of onion soup over the chicken and let it simmer for a little bit. Carter loves green beans so that will be our veggie. Our side will be Amish Noodles.

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