Friday, August 8, 2008

My New Clothes Line UGH!

So I was outside hanging out towels today when I got to the last towel and my line broke! All my clean wet towels fell to the ground! :( I had to get them all off the fallen line that lay on the dirty ground. My towels are now rewashing and will have to be dried in the dryer. Grrrrrrr
I made Carter's favorite for breakfast this morning, French Toast. He loves that stuff.
I've been doing my normal chores today. Tonight is Walmart Friday and Linda will not be here to go with me, she is off on a retreat with her Sorority Sisters. They are at a lodge in the mountains. She wont be home until Sunday. Eric said he would go with me to Walmart because he doesn't want me to go alone. I thought that was so sweet of him. :)
Happy Friday everyone!

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Gail said...

Oh,NO!!! Shirla,I can't think of one thing I hate worse than picking up wet clothes from a broken clothesline!!! YUK !!!!!